Huge Numbers Of Hot, Targeted Leads... Massive Boosts In Conversions...

All From Quizzes Built In Seconds

"I got over 500 hot niche-matched leads in just 3 days"

Quizitri is simple, fast and works perfectly in my quick test got over 500 hot niche matched leads in 3 days. I test a lot of products and very rarely do they meet my expectations, but Quizitri does and more. Top class product!

Carey Baird, Fresh Store Builder

"Quizitri makes it so easy I was blown away"

Quizitri makes it SO easy to create a quiz I was blown away. Not a quiz that just asks one question and always takes the entrant to the same outcome. Quizitiri easily allows you to create different paths and outcomes based on how people answer.

Think of it like this. People love taking quizes. Quizitri makes interactive quiz creation easy, almost like a 'choose your own adventure' book. That's a good thing. A darn good thing.

Steve Benn, RewardLeads

"When the quizzes look THIS good it really isn't hard to get people involved."

Anyone that knows marketing will realise getting little (micro) commitments from your audience is a hugely powerful thing... with quizzes being one of the more entertaining ways to get them... and when the quizzes look THIS good it really isn't hard to get people involved. Add ease of use and then segmentation depending on their results to the mix and... WOW! I think I might be a little bit in love with Quizitri lol!

Alex Copeland,

We’ve Got Some Good News,

And We’ve Got Some Weird News

How much easier would it be to make sales if people TOLD YOU what they most desired?

How much faster could your business grow if you were getting up to 500% more leads?

How much more fun and profitable would it be to write e-mails to subscribers if you could see inside their heads and know EXACTLY which pain points would make them buy?

Let me tell you: lots, lots, and LOTS.

The good news? You can do all this with one amazing marketing hack.

The weird news? You do it the same way you find out what 80s pop song you are.

Let me explain:

Quizzes Are Insanely Effective, But When One Of The World’s Leading Conversion Experts Tried One Out… In One Of The World’s Most Competitive Niches… Not Even He Saw This Coming!

A Quiz Increased Lead Capture By 500%

Even Neil Patel can improve his lead gen. And here, he did it by using a quiz.

And this isn’t even a ‘viral’ quiz designed for tons of shares.

It’s on a serious subject, in a serious niche, and it still boosted sign-ups by 500%.

(Look for ‘The Beginners Guide To Interactive Content’ to check out the post about it on his blog)

The Most Shared New York Times Article Ever... A Quiz

What do you think the most-shared NYT article ever would be? 

A long-form, highly researched expose on something that affected the country?  A juicy piece of celebrity gossip? Who’s in line to be the next Pope? 

Nope. It’s a quiz on how people speak. And it was so successful, it’s now become a hardback book.

4 Quizzes... 200 Million Visitors 

Just last year, BuzzFeed generated over 200 million page views from just 4 viral quizzes. Say that again:


Beats messing around with ads or SEO, right? 

And That’s Not Even The Most Powerful Thing Quizzes Can Do... 

So maybe you’re thinking... waitaminute. You’re telling me you can be MORE powerful than 500% more leads and 200 million page views?

Yes, Virginia. Yes we are.

Because if you liked the sound of that... just imagine what a quiz can do in your sales funnel. 

Imagine a realtor driving prospects to a quiz, and then immediately showing them a house perfectly tailored to their answers. You want to sell a house or buy one? Buy – so how many rooms do you want? Swimming pool? Then have a look at this... 

Imagine an e-com store owner, setting up a viral quiz that shows people what Game Of Thrones character they are, and then immediately sells them a t-shirt, mug, mouse-mat, you name it… with a quote from their character.

Imagine you’re an information marketer breaking into a new niche. Ask a few questions on your squeeze page, and suddenly you don’t just have a list. You’ve got multiple hyper-targeted lists who have told you what they want to buy!

And if you’re not a realtor, e-com store owner or information marketer? Imagine selling them the quiz that’s going to send their conversions sky high! 

Case Study

70% Lead Boost From 20-Second Quiz 

We run a lot of conversion experiments.

But the most successful of all came from an incredibly simple quiz in the vegan niche.

In the red corner, a normal squeeze page. In the blue corner, our mini-quiz.

It asked just 2 questions: How long have you been a vegan? and Do you think you’re getting enough nutrients? Then it directed prospects to a special sign-up message based on their answers.

That was it. 2 questions. 2 outcomes. Nothing clever.

And it boosted leads by 70%.

Even on a simple squeeze page with no authority, no blog... this 20-second quiz almost doubled the number of leads generated.

Which we think is a pretty cool result. 

But There’s A Problem With Quiz Apps...

Most quiz apps are ‘just for fun’ so they don’t get serious about what you – the marketer, the consultant, the online entrepreneur – really need.

They don’t let you set up multiple paths. Remember that realtor? If their first quiz question is ‘do you want to buy a home or sell one?’, do you really think they’ll want to follow up with the same set of questions? Not a chance. Bad luck if you’re using some quiz apps, because that’s all they’ll let you do.

They don’t let you segment your leads. So if you want to make sure you’re only sending the most targeted offers? Sorry. You’re stuck sending everyone everything all of the time… and annoying a large chunk of your list in the process.

They don’t let you integrate your quizzes with your other apps, CMS, and autoresponders. And as for webhooks… forget about it.

And they have no way of telling you what your traffic is worth. Successful business is all about one number: your ROI. If you’re spending less per click than you’re making, you’re golden. So you’d think most apps would tell you how much those clicks are worth, right? Wrong.

Or maybe they do let you set up multiple paths. And maybe they do let you segment your leads to keep up those amazing conversions. And maybe they even tell you the ROI on your quizzes… and allow you automate your work cross-platform.

But then they cost you $69/month at the low end.

We thought that sucked. So we did something about it.


Welcome to Quizitiri, where quizzes make money.

Transform traffic into leads, and leads into highly-targeted lifetime customers with Quizitri in 4 easy steps.  

The First Click:

A visitor sees your Quiz, their curiosity gets the better of them, and they take the first click. 

The Fast Sale: 

Your new lead becomes a customer being redirected to a product or service that’s a perfect for them.

The Easy Opt-In:

Your visitor becomes a subscriber by entering their e-mail address to get their results. 

The Customer For Life:

All your leads and customers are automatically segmented based on their quiz responses so you can continue to sell the right stuff to the right people over time. 

Whatever Kind Of Quiz You Need,

You Can Build It With Quizitri 

Quizzes For More Traffic 

Personality Quizzes 

Which 80s pop song are you? Which type of whisky? Which Game Of Thrones character? Personality quizzes are some of the most popular on the internet... and with Quizitri’s powerful editor and beautiful templates, you can create one in minutes. 

Viral Quizzes

Quizzes are some of the most shareable content you’ll ever find online... and Quizitri’s built in social-sharing lets you pull in the crowds (and even capture an e-mail before you show their results for truly explosive list-building...)

Content Quizzes

This is 2018. eBooks are out. Interactivity is in. And quizzes let you provide some of the most engaging, interactive content available... and with Quizitri’s simple embedding options, you can add them straight into your blog.

Quizzes For More Leads 

Trivia Quizzes 

Test your visitors’ knowledge and give them a score at the end. Not only are these great as viral traffic magnets, they’re also brilliant for getting leads. Only scored 3/7 on our house buying quiz? You’d better download this free report...

Lead Segmentation Quizzes

What’s better than a list? A targeted list. Use Quizitri on your optin page to discover which micro-niche EVERY lead is in... and then split them into separate lists so you can ultra-target your e-mails and offers. Say it with me: KA-CHING.

Opt-in Quizzes 

Get your prospects to tell you which pain point bothers them most... and then use Quizitri’s redirects to send them to an opt-in message specifically tailored to it! This is marketing++, and your list will be growing faster than ever. 

Data Quizzes

How much do you really know about your list? What keeps them up at night? What problems do they have? What do they want to buy? With Quizitri’s analytics, you’ll be able to find out – in a way they’ll even find fun.

Quizzes For More Sales

Sales Quizzes 

With Quizitri’s question branching and outcome redirects, you’ll be able to filter your leads and send them to exactly the right offer. Giving you happier customers, better conversions... and more profit.

Affiliate Quizzes

Stop choosing which product in your niche to promote. Promote EVERYTHING. Set up a quiz that asks what your leads are really looking for, then direct them to the right product for them. Your leads get a personal, tailored recommendation... and you get a lot more commissions.  

Pass/Fail Quizzes 

Test your leads and redirect them based on whether they passed or failed. This is a brilliant quiz type for making sure people are qualified for your offer (try it on your high-ticket course!)

Consultancy Quizzes

Are you a consultant? Then you’ll know how important it is to filter the hot leads from the tire-kickers. Add a quiz into your funnel to find out if you’re a fit before you’ve invested your valuable time.

Plus... Quizzes For More Clients 

Client Quizzes 

With the Commercial Licence, you can sell the quizzes you make to clients...  Plus, you can remove all Quizitri branding from them. So you can be cashing in without ever revealing your secret weapon :) 

Create Your First Quizitri In Minutes 

No-one likes to be waiting around.

That’s why we made setting up your first quiz as easy as 1-2-3. 

Create your questions

Choose your template

Hit 'Publish'

And that’s it.

You can either publish your quiz on our lightning-fast servers or use one of our embedding options (and there’s lots!) to put it on your own website.

Whichever you choose, you can have your first quiz live in minutes, ready to bring you traffic, leads and sales.

But Just Because It’s Simple, Don’t Think It’s Not Powerful...  

Check Out Everything You Get For Your One-Time Price

Quiz Branching

Automatically send your quiz taker down different paths depending on the answer they give, so you can fine-tune their results and give them the perfect product at the end. 

Easy List Segmentation

Quizitri can send your leads to different lists based on their quiz outcome, letting you divide your leads into ultra-targeted groups and mail them just the products they’re likely to want to buy.

Social Sharing

84% of quizzes shared are shared on social media which means the viral potential of any given quiz is truly remarkable… almost as remarkable as how easy Quizitri make sharing them to Twitter and Facebook.

Social Share Images

Attention is key when you’re sharing to social media, so having the ability to choose your social share image, allows you to use the perfect image, with the perfect dimensions to get people hooked into your quiz.


Once your quiz is over and their individual results are tallied, you can redirect them to a purpose-built page to deliver their results or sell a product, ensuring fluency of branding, happy leads, and quick sales.


Use a call to action button on your outcome pages to direct people to the next stage of your funnel.

Image Questions

Sometimes you want to ask a question, but you need an image to really drive the point home. That’s when you’ll want to use an image question. (Also, when you just like making things pretty).

Quiz Captions

A picture speaks a 1000 words, but putting a caption underneath it helps your users understand their options better, and also gives search engines more key data to index.

Image Answers

Quizitri’s range of questions helps you gain a deeper insight into what your leads most desire, while using ‘image answers’ to keep them fully engaged in your quiz to the bitter end.

Question Weighting

Life is not black and white, so why do some many quizzes only offer yes and no answers with a value of 0 or 1? It makes no sense! So, we’ve built in question weighting to assign answers a value of 1 – 10 to give you far better data, and a much more accurate understanding of your customers.

GDPR Checkbox and Compliance

Don't fall foul of the GDPR. Ensure your users consent to all relevant options by adding a checkbox to your quiz. It ain’t senxy, but it keeps everyone happy and it keeps your business safe.

Embedded Inline HTML Quizitris

The more options you give people, the more ways you get attention, and the more chances you’ll have of getting a lead. Inline HTML lets you embed your quiz almost anywhere. – check one out on this page!

Quiz Styling

We want you to love every quiz you publish, and quiz styling will make sure that happens by giving you a huge amount of creative control over fonts, colours, and even your call-to-action buttons. Your prospects will love it, and if you’re selling quizzes to clients, this will give you huge flexibility.

URL Parameters

We’ll make sure you capture all the data you need, and pass it on throughout your funnels keeping your ad campaigns laser focused.

Mobile Responsiveness

On the bus, on the train, waiting in the supermarket queue, people love to quiz! We’ve spent a lot of time mastering mobile and with so many people now using it, Quizitri could become your one stop lead shop.

Hosted Quizzes

Don’t want to embed your quiz on your own site? No problem, we’ll host it for you so you can be sure your quizzes will always be live, secure, and lightning fast… always ready to collect, segment, and redirect your leads!

Zapier Integration

Zapier seems to be taking over the online world, and rightly so. By creating Zaps you'll be able to customize your prospect's journey from the first question to your email list, and beyond. Now for the first time, you’re quizzes will be perfectly synced across all your most important online platforms.

Plus! Brand New Analytics

REAL Analytics are essential to any successful business. So we built them in and made them easy to use and understand, because when you know your customers better than they know themselves, they’ll be putty in your hands. 

Quizitri Templates Deliver Rapid Results In Any Niche  

(Yup, Even Yours) 

Our templates follow three rules.

Be fast.  Be easy.  Be sexy. 

We Don’t Just Give You Templates...

We’ve Written 15 Incredible Quizzes FOR YOU 

Not sure where to start?

Not a problem.

With Quizitri, you’re not just getting design templates. You’re getting fully-written quizzes in a variety of niches, so whether you want to go viral with whisky or generate a hyper-targeted list of vegans, you can just click the button and go live.

Use them as a starting point for your own quizzes or just publish and start collecting leads. You’ve got rights to use them however you want. 

See Quizitri In Action... And Discover How It Can Work For You 

There's Never Been A Better Time Than Today To Get Quizitri.

Most quiz software is expensive. Quizitri is not.

Most quiz software charges you a monthly subscription. Quizitri is a one-off payment.

Which means you’re not forced to produce leads month after month just to keep your software running.

Plus, most quiz software can’t segment your leads to turn them into lifetime customers like Quizitri can.

But with Quizitri a single well targeted lead could pay for your access to Quizitri 10 times over, leaving you more money to build YOUR business. Not ours!

Start Building Leads And Customers With Quizitri Today 100% Risk Free! 

As with all our products we offer an unconditional 30-day guarantee, which simply means if you don’t like it, or even if you do like it, but you still want your money back, that’s fine.

There’s zero fuss here. We want you to try it out and see the results for yourself.

If you’re impressed (and we think you will be) awesome. If not - that’s also cool. So, give it a whirl. Get some leads and makes some sales. Then decide. 

The Best Time To Begin Building Your Leads In Always NOW, And With Quizitri It's Never Been Easier!

Quizitri is so simple to set up that it’s really hard NOT to transform leads into sales and happy customers.

Until now, the magic of quizzes has only been available to people prepared to fork out a large monthly sum.

But Quizitri guarantees you can get in on the action too.

Here's What You Get:

Create and use unlimited Quizitris on your personal sites.

Sell unlimited Quizitris to clients for any price you like.

Quiz Branching for better leads. Weighted answers for better understanding. Auto-Tagging, segmentation, and custom redirects for better sales.

Image questions, CTAs, and social shares for better traffic.

Real Analytics. Zapier Integration. More Creative Control.

30-day money back guarantee.

Excellent Customer Support.

Still Here? We Have Answers To Your Questions…

Can I sell quizzes to clients?

Sure can. Quizitri comes with a Commercial licence, so you can build quizzes for yourself and clients.

Am I going to be upsold into a template subscription?

Nope. You’re going to be offered a one-off pack of extra templates, which you can take or not. But there’s no monthly commitment involved.

How many quizzes can I have?

As many as you want. It’s unlimited, on every licence.

Can I redirect quiz takers to my own pages?

Sure! In fact, we recommend it. This way, you can redirect people to your blog, website, or your own opt-in page.

Is there a guarantee?

You bet. You get 30 days to try it out. If you don’t like it, you get a refund. No harm, no foul.

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